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Website creation. You don't know why you have a website? The Internet is developing fast and today most companies already have their own websites. However, not only companies but also individuals who provide certain services. It's more a necessity to have an online resource. Statistics say that, on average, every person spends at least 3 hours on the internet every day. This is not to mention those associated with him at work. With this in mind, companies began to respond appropriately and conduct business through the Internet.

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What websites do we make?

Website development for business

It is important for any company to announce itself and its offer on the Internet. We will develop a website for you, which will tell in detail about your offer, company, customers, team and everything that is important for investment and development of your business.


Whatever business or activity you are doing, your site will always be a plus and a source of new orders. site, you will receive new orders for your services / products.


Landing is a one-page website that is a quick way to talk about your proposal. This is a versatile tool that is suitable even if you still have little information, feedback, etc., and you already need to receive applications. I will do for you Landing turnkey: text, prototype, design, layout, customization of services.

Hotel website development

Your website will be synchronized with Booking, Hotels, Airbnb, and other well-known booking services. Forget about double booking. We will place your site on all world-famous reservation sites. Increase your profits by selling hotel rooms through your own booking site. Not only do you save on booking fees, but you also have the opportunity to inform your prospective clients about your promotions.

Online courses

Allow your students to study online, convenient online course sales, knowledge tests, full learning control of participants and course defense

розробка веб-сайтів

Business web site

Increase sales of goods and services through your own Website

You will soon gain the reputation of being a trusted company and expanding your business.

Web sites

What kind of websites we develop

Website - Business card




Shop - catalog

Online courses


What will be done on your future website

  • Domain selection and registration and hosting
  • Working out the structure of the site
  • Adaptability settings (the site will display well on any device)
  • Selection of colors
  • Adding a menu
  • Font settings
  • Development of a simple logo
  • Landing prototype on homepage
  • Landing Design
  • Customize your site's header (header)
  • Site footer setup (footer)
  • Headline text and add. pages you submit or copywriter writes
  • Adding a menu
  • Adding headings
  • Adding additional pages
  • Fill in 1-3 articles
  • Fill out the Privacy Policy page
  • Fill in the Terms and Conditions page
  • Restrictions on attempts to log in to the admin panel
  • Anti-spam in the comments
  • Setting up a security script (more than 15 settings)
  • Buttons of soc. networks
  • Bread crumbs
  • Similar entries under article
  • Opening pictures in a popup window
  • Set up feedback / subscription form
  • Installation of SSL certificate and site translation on Https
  • Sign up for Google Webmaster and Facebook business, Bing, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Sign up for the Google API and Facebook API
  • After the development is completed, I will answer the questions about the site
    • Placing headers H1-H5
    • Title and Description to pages
    • Caption Alt and Headings to images
    • Transliteration of characters
    • Setting up a script for SEO
    • OpenGraph settings for beautiful display on social networks
    • Adding a map XML-sitemap
    • Creating a file Robots.txt
    • Image optimization
    • Cache and compression settings


Website development price from 4000 UAH

The price and development time for each project are different and depend on many factors that we will discuss with you. The exact price is agreed only after discussing all the details.

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